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Zone Fitness Gym

The Zone is a 24 hour gym offering personal training, tips, and plans to help you achieve your strength and body goals.  It is an awesome environment and community of friends and family bettering themselves. 

Zone Fitness

We are a community that cares about total transformation. Here at Zone Fitness we are a family that helps and motivates each other in and out of the gym.

Whether your goal is strength, endurance, physique, or health the Zone is the place to help you transform and achieve those goals you have been chasing!

Community of Transformation

Hear What People Are Saying

"Zone Fitness is a Home away from Home. It has everything you need, even for the extreme! The gym that helped me see the strongest version of me!"

— Skye

members review

Any time I’m in town, I always use this gym. It’s clean, very well-maintained, and best of all is open 24/7. Shane and I go back a lot of years and it’s so great to see a gym in Cache Valley that shows how much the owner cares.

— Spencer

members review

"Push yourself everyday and like I said earlier, the hard work will pay off!!"

— Jordan

members review
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